Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Story

Me Before It Works! Global came into my life

Hi, my name is Lisa Kaye Fuller!  That's me, on the left, 5 years ago Bartending at a wing and beer restaurant!  I was 37 years old with a husband and 5 children I never saw because I was working 60 hours a week!  My husband Barry, a jobless construction worker, was unemployed for two years at that point!  We were living less then paycheck to paycheck and we had our car repossessed and home foreclosed on!  Our family was down to one car that was on it's last leg and back to renting a house way to small for 7 people!  Day by day our situation was getting not better but worse and there was no end in site!  On top of never seeing my husband, when we did have a chance to spend time together all we did was fight about not having money!  Talk about stress!!  The worst part was we didn't know what we could do to get out of this horrible place our family was in!  Sound familiar?  Then a miracle happened!  The 3 words that changed our lives forever....It Works Global!

Before it works!

As fate would have it one of the waitresses that I worked with at the restaurant came in to work one day ranting and raving about this crazy patch that you could put on your body and in only 45 minutes you could see results like liposuction and botox!  My first thought....YEAH RIGHT!  Needless to say I was skeptical and that is an understatement!  I pretty much laughed in her face and swore I would never try her "Infomercial scam"!  There was no way that a product could do what she was claiming and if it did do it then it had to be water weight and would come right back!  A month went by of my co worker wrapping people that I knew and they would show me their photo and unbelievably they were getting results!  I began to get more and more curious but how could I try one of these magic wraps now that I publicly claimed there was no way I was trying it!?  On top of that where would I get the $25 to try it since every dollar I made wen to bills!?  Well let's just say curiosity go the best of me and I told her I was in...I wanted to try it!  Maybe this could get rid of the road map of stretch marks my daughter left for me at her 10 pound birth!

This amazing lady knew my money situation and gave me one to take home and try!  I gotta be honest....I expected nothing...but WHAT IF???  My husband Barry made fun of me as I wrapped my belly with this cloth and covered my mid-half in plastic wrap!  Keeping my fingers crossed I kept it on for about an hour and when I took it off....NOTHING!  I was right...WHAT A SCAM!  But what I didn't know at that time was that this product worked for 3 days and some people may not see any results right away!  Fast forward to day 3 and I was getting ready for work and went to put my jeans on right out of the know the one's I'm referring too...the ones that you have to lay on the bed to get up and suck in to button?  The funny thing was when I want to button them I didn't have to suck in!  Immediately the wrap I did 3 days prior popped into my head and I ran right to the bathroom to the full length mirror!  Not only was I considerably smaller but my Stretch Marks looked amazing....and I had only used one which was a quarter of a treatment!

This is where it get's good!  I walked out of the bathroom and said to my husband Barry, "Hunny look at this!",  He looked up from the TV and did a double take!  The words that left his mouth next I will NEVER forget!  He said..."Are you kidding me?  That wrap did that?  OMG that is AMAZING!  Is this something that we can sell?  If this can do for other woman what It just did for you I seriously think we could get rich!"  Well, I looked at him and told him he was nuts!  I wasn't going to sell anything!  Now let me just tell you something about my amazing hubby!  Once that man get's something in his head he doesn't let it go!  That week he studied!  Looking up anything he could find about the company IT Works and the Wrap!  He was obsessed!

After work one night he was waiting up for me to talk and this talk changed our entire lives forever!  He sat me down and explained that He could find nothing bad about the company and that he truly felt it was something we should try.  I really fought him on this because I am not a sales person and I didn't think that MLM's were even a legal business!  But the words he spoke I couldn't deny, he said "Do you like where we are right now?  Do you want to keep living like this?  If we do not try something different we are going to be in the same place if not worse in another year!"  He was right!  We were doing nothing to change where we were!  He explained to me that it was a no risk investment and that if it didn't work at least we had tried and we wouldn't be any worse of then we were!  So............

Living The Dream!

It has now been 5 years since that night and we were just inducted into the companies millionaires club!  Needless to say his hunch was right!  What a difference taking a chance and a leap of faith can do!

One of our New Cars After It Works!
Now that we have gotten to a place where we can finally tell our children yes when they ask us for something instead of sorry you have to wait for Christmas or it's not in the budget!  And Yes we not only got one new car, we each got a new ride!

Our Biggest  goal now is to help others live out their personal goals and dreams with It Works as their vehicle!  We are nobody special....if a construction worker and waitress can become millionaires in less then 5 years then anyone can.  We have met so many other people in this company and one thing is for doesn't matter where you come from or what your background can do this as long as you have the will and desire to change your situation.  I am here to tell you that you do not have to live paycheck to paycheck.  You do not have to work hard at something you hate day in and day out to just "get by" any more.  There is another way and that way is called It Works!  Barry always says that at this point if we never make a dime more then we are already making a month it is fine by we just want to help others do this for themselves and their families!!

This blog was created to help REAL PEOPLE get AMAZING RESULTS!  I want to help as many people as I can find their path and help them succeed!  We will share with you daily tips on how we did what we did and We hope that you will let us be part of your journey no matter what that may be! Network Marketing is such an amazing way for real people to live amazing lives!  WE want to help you in what ever business you choose, have the tools and mindset that you need to get to the top and stick it out!  There will be road bumps but I can tell you that sticking it out will change the course of your life!  There are so many people in this industry that create tools like this just to pull you over to their company eventually....but that is not our goal!  We truly believe our calling is to help anyone we can believe in themselves and make it to the top of any company!  We know how life changing it is and our dreams have changed from just changing our own life to now blessing others with what we have learned so that you can change yours!

Barry and I  truly hope you will utilize and take advantage of the information we will be offering on this page.  We are so happy that you decided to stop by and read our story.  We sincerely hope that whatever road you choose in life you find an opportunity that will change your life like we have.  There is nothing better then loving what you do and knowing that you are a part of something bigger.  To be able to help change lives and impact lives on a daily basis is so rewarding and our hope for each and every one of you reading this is that you will be lucky enough to do the same.  Remember....there is an amazing opportunity at your fingertips and we would love more then anything to help you achieve your dreams.  Thank you again and please enjoy our blog...Amazing Results Real People!!!
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